1. michael5zoz:

    what the damn hell

  2. locolifeof-nicole:

    Luke’s daughter after hanging out with Michael’s son

  3. honeymalum:

    Why don’t we talk about this picture of Muke ??


    1. Kellin Quinn: wrists are for bracelets not for cutting
    2. Vic Fuentes: just wait things out. It won't be bad forever. I promise. I love you.
    3. Austin Carlile: if you're a fan of hurting others, talking down to, or trying to bring others down, then never call yourself a fan of mine.
    4. Alex Gaskarth: I want you to fucking pinky promise me you won't do it. No fan of mine will kill themselves. Don't do it. For me. I love you.

  4. cutiecliffo:

    michael’s the type of friend to say “shut up luke” really loud when he hears luke moaning from masturbating .

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  6. Reblog if you have sexual fantasies with someone that doesn’t know you exist

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  7. If your otp is gay clap your hands *clapclap* if your otp is gay clap your hands *clapclap* if your otp is gay and you just want a sextape if your otp is gay clap your hands

    *mr.c voice* “everybody clap your hands”

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  9. whales-vaagina:

    Indirect to my OTPs that arent together yet

  10. Make me choose: Anonymous asked: “muke or cashton?”
  11. analgoddesss:

    Reblog because everyone need cute Cashton on their dash

  12. snoglukey:

    169% of the fandom is really not okay right now 5SOS so maybe we should sing the song instead

  13. famdoms-and-bandoms:

    I find my sense of humour amusing shut up

  14. itsmuke:

    Emoji!Muke (insp)